Monday, April 4, 2011

Cleaning up vomit in the car

If you are a parent, this is highly likely to happen to you sometime. Hopefully not too often because it's not fun to deal with the clean-up, especially if your child is too young to be helpful and vomits in their carseat or onto the floor, rather than into a container or a bag.

The smell is the worst part. It goes away eventually but until it does, getting into the car after it's been closed up for a while is not pleasant.

We usually try to disguise the smell using one of those cardboard odour eaters that you hang from the rear vision mirror. I like the vanilla smelling ones the best. Today Coles was sold out of vanilla ones so I chose an "ocean" scented one shaped like a thong. But sadly it doesn't smell anything like an ocean.

I picture the smell of an ocean being fresh with just a hint of saltiness. This is more like the smell of a toilet cleaner (combined with the vomit smell I'm trying to remove).

At least I know it will get better. But the next few weeks of travelling in the car might be less than enjoyable.

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