Saturday, November 5, 2011

High Tea for Book Chat

So much fun. There were seven of us enjoying the cups of tea and ocean views.

But I think that the two sandwiches (on white bread), one chocolate chip biscuit and one lemon curd butterfly cake sent my glucose levels into the stratosphere somewhere. I had a blow-out last night as well. Two slices of home-made pizza on Lebanese bread (high GI as I discovered afterwards) and two pieces of garlic bread. I wondered if that might start labour but it didn't.

Back to this afternoon. Because I overdid it, I had trouble concentrating and felt like my thinking was all over the place. I now know this either means my BGLs are too high or too low.

Looking forward to life after gestational diabetes where I can enjoy afternoon tea and a (hopefully) clear mind again. Just have to keep it all in moderation. Because I now know too that eating well helps me to feel so much better!

Lots of suggestions for books came up. Old ones and more recent releases. I have just ordered a couple of newer ones online to review over the Christmas break and I will check out the church bookstall tomorrow too.

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