Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Typing one handed

Very limiting for blogging efforts, unfortunately.

Cuddling Rowan with the other hand, however, is enormously rewarding.

Not much happening here. Feels a bit weird actually. Usually this is a crazy time of the year but I am feeling surprisingly un-stressed about it all.

Breastfeeding entertainment for the week is Love My Way series 2 and 3. A bit too much bad language and bed-hopping going on between all the lead characters, but other than that it isn't too bad.

Time now to feed unsettled Rowan...


Sarah said...

I'm still working on the skill of being able to do other stuff whilst feeding. It's enough for me to be able to reach over and pick up my glass of water!

Jenny said...

I had my No. 5 baby a few weeks before Christmas. It really slowed everything down. It was quite nice. Until my younger brother asked what was for dinner on Boxing Day after lying on my lounge all day watching the cricket. I remember feeling very unimpressed with him at that point!

Karen said...

Hi guys!
@Sarah....I am only just starting to be able to do other stuff beyond operating TV and DVD remote controls while feeding. Sometimes I can read a book once he's on and going. Next goal is to be able to feed while on computer & blogging!!
@Jenny...yes, I think slowing down describes the feeling well. No one is expecting much from me right now which is wonderful really. I'm just doing things when I feel like it. Fortunately I have great helpers around (my husband has another week and a half of holidays to go!) so this is helping enormously. Can see why you weren't impressed with your brother though!! Generally Boxing Day here is an easy meal day because there are so many leftovers...did you tell him to just open the fridge and take something out?? :)

Helen said...

When I had Lucy I learned this abbreviation - FAK (feeding at keyboard!).