Monday, March 5, 2012

Cooking night here...

Chris is making an Austrian maple syrup spice cake to take to work tomorrow for his birthday. He's managed to work in the same place for six years without ever celebrating his birthday there, just by not telling anyone when it was. Now they are onto him and because the birthday cake policy there is BYO, he has to bring one. It's the first time he's made this cake and our tin was the wrong size (too small). Fingers crossed it will work.

And when he's finished in the kitchen I'm going in there to make white chocolate creme brulees for tomorrow night's birthday dessert. I have made plain creme brulee before so I'm branching out to try something new. It's my favourite dessert rather than his (he likes it too but not as much as I do) so perhaps a bit of a selfish choice for his birthday. I'm sure we'll enjoy it anyway.

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