Thursday, March 8, 2012

Time to get tough...

Sigh. Getting tough isn't my style really, but seriously.

Student, please don't turn up to the tutorial sessions without your lecture notes and textbook that you were told to bring to assist you with the activities we would be doing.

Don't then respond, when I show you the lecture notes I took the time to bring with me (printed in fast draft so not as easy to read) to help you with what I am trying to explain, with "I can't read that."

And don't then turn around and chat to your friends, look at the KONY video on your iphone (yes, that was silly of you to show me what you were looking at!?) and do no work for the rest of the session.

Yes, I can tell there were three of you in a group of four who were sitting there doing nothing when you should have been working. This stuff needs time to get your heads around. Don't waste it.

Yes, I know you will probably blame me and the subject co-ordinator when you crash and burn in the assignments and exams. And give us negative feedback on the subject.

But please, people, a bit of effort on your part is required here. You can choose to learn or you can choose to do nothing. If you choose to do nothing, we don't want you in the profession.

Thank you. That is all.

I feel better now.

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