Monday, April 30, 2012

Here's another one of those blogs that the internet was made for

For anyone who has visited their parents and asked themselves the question "Why on earth do they still have that??"

You can submit photos to it. I think my parents might have a lot of things that would be suitable. But thanks to the Brisbane floods last year, there are far less of them than there used to be.


Wendy said...

Really, other people feel like this too? I thought it was just because I lived a missionary lifestyle, needing to stay trim and mobile and live in a tiny house that I felt like this...revelation!

Karen said...

Having too much stuff drives me insane...I actually enjoy moving every few years to have a good cleanout. We have lived here for four and a half years now and the accumulation of possessions is starting to annoy me. We are considering moving somewhere bigger sometime to allow for our unexpectedly larger sized family, but we could probably cope here for a while longer if we chucked some stuff out.
In my parents' case, they have a bit of a weakness for souvenir shops whenever they travel anywhere. I've asked them to just buy me teatowels now from wherever they've been. At least we might use them!

Sarah said...

Same. I can't stand houses full of useless crap. I hate dusting for a start!

I've become so used to living in small places that I still don't want lots of stuff now that I'm in a much bigger house. I don't understand hoarders.

Wendy said...

I seriously have to bite my tongue when I visit my parents place. A couple of years ago I found a high school physics textbook of my dad's. Made the mistake of showing him and he became very dreamy and warmly reminiscing about the book! What!?!