Monday, April 30, 2012

My next tutorial includes some emotional intelligence reflections

It's been very interesting to prepare.

One of the questions I'm going to get the students to think about is this one (on self-awareness):

"If knowing yourself in totality equals a score of 10/10 for being self aware and a score of 0 equals a score of being completely unaware, what score would you honestly give yourself?"

According to the authors of the book I'm referencing (this one), pretty much no one ever gives themselves a score of 10/10, even if they submit their scores confidentially. Most people average out at about 7 or 8.

Which leads to the question, "What is the other 20 or 30% of me up to?"

They suggest that the answer may lie in comments we make after the event such as "Why did I say that?" "Why did I go out with him?" or even "Why on earth am I doing this course?"

Or those incidents where you just wish you could go back and rectify some ill-thought out comment or action that you sincerely wish you hadn't said or done.

We learned nothing about Emotional Intelligence when I went to Uni. It hadn't even been invented then. But I think it could be one of the most important things for these guys to learn.

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