Saturday, May 5, 2012

Celeriac. Possibly the world's ugliest vegetable...

...but very yummy when mashed up together with potato and served with roast chicken and gravy.

And now it has become one of the first vegetables Rowan has eaten. An unusual one to mention in his baby book should I ever get around to a) purchasing one and b) writing in it. (Fortunately, I have my blog to refer back to for all these important milestones).

After lots of putting it off, I finally got around to starting him on solids this week. After a few slow days (and lots of spitting out of rice cereal), he's caught on and has been gobbling up apple for breakfast for the past day or two.

So today I thought we might increase to two meals. Apple (mixed with the boring rice cereal) for breakfast, and potato and celeriac mash for dinner. I know the books say not to mix foods when introducing them, but I figured mixing something with potato would be a pretty safe bet.

He really loved it. It's very cute the way babies smack their lips together when they like something, and then start opening their mouths to get more.

And so the great food adventure has started. Only another twenty years of meals to be planned, cooked and served up. A more short term task is to plan his menu for our church weekend away next weekend. At one point I was hoping I might be able to stretch out the starting date for solids until after that, but he'll be six months old this week. I didn't think I could leave it too much longer. He does seem more settled with sleeps since we got started. And the nappies are soaking wet rather than just a little bit wet now.
I think it was the right time.

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