Sunday, May 13, 2012

Work work work

Will it ever end??

Of course it will. Just two more papers to go, and then the ones from the Special Consideration crowd are coming in at the end of the week. And then the students have their exam the following week.

While all this is going on, we have to help two kids write talks for the public speaking comp at school, and help the 10 year old (it's his birthday today!) build a diorama of the solar system. Essentially this is a craft activity, but we have to avoid the use of the "c" word because he has a significant aversion to doing anything even slightly craft related. He goes away to school camp for all of this week so it's going to be an intense week or two when he comes back to get this all done.

This is our first diorama. I have no memory of ever making one at school, although perhaps I did make one and it was a fairly painless experience. I'm hoping we can survive this one. We just need to find the right language to keep him engaged with the task.


One for a wish.. said...

A cheats option for the Diorma; I'm pretty sure Spotlight used to sell Solar Sylstem foam sets ( rings for Saturn even!)

Karen said...

Ooh, thanks! Will check out their website. We also have a Lincraft locally now so I was thinking of checking out the craft supply range there too.
I am not the least bit crafty either (!) so all hints are greatly appreciated...