Thursday, May 24, 2012

Here's a great blog

If you are often cooking meals for other people at church (or anywhere else, for that matter). It's called Food That Serves and it has all kinds of helpful hints and meal ideas for cooking for other people.

There's a great post about pie-makers on it. I don't own a pie maker myself (we just cut up and squish the pastry into our ancient pie dishes) but I'm seriously tempted to get one after reading that post. For winter meals, we often make pies to give away. Over the weekend, we made a double quantity of savoury mince and made a shepherd's pie for ourselves and a pastry pie for a family at church. It sounds like the pie-maker might make the step of making the pastry fit into the dish properly a little less painful. The supermarket pastry squares always seem to be just that little bit too small.


Sarah said...

We love our pie maker - you'd get a whole lot of use out of it, I reckon!

My favourite combinations are chicken and leek, plain old mince and gravy, apple, and baked beans!

Deb L said...

Great blog, isn't it? I know I'm going to get a lot of use out it.