Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I just saw a status update from a family member on facebook

...about giving her kids worming chocolates.

I've never ever given my kids worming chocolates. I don't think they've ever had worms but I don't routinely check this either. Obviously if they had them, I would give them something to get rid of them.

Is administering worming chocolates something I'm supposed to be doing on a regular basis as a preventive strategy? Do other people do it? How would I tell if my kid actually had worms anyway?

Feel free to enlighten me in my ignorance...


Sarah said...

I thought I'd just add a link ;)

Itchy anal passage and the feeling of having squirmy things inside your bum. I think most people only take medicine when they actually have them rather than as a preventative measure.

Sorry if anyone was eating while reading this and was grossed out! ;)

Catherine said...

Hi Karen,
We do it all. the. time. Maybe because when our kids are waking up through the night and restless for no reason we just assume it is worms. And because they always have their fingers in the mouths, and play in the dirt etc.

There are cheaper ways of doing it - the combantrin tend to worm for all kinds and are more expensive, whereas I have found that the most common one here in Oz is threadworm, so we generally just buy a more generic wormer just for that. It isn't as yummy :(

I guess it's possible that your kids really have never had worms. You'd probably notice if they did.

Karen said...

Hi Catherine

Thanks for stopping in to educate me! And we do have a two year old having a frequent night waking issue at the moment...

I'm not sure it's that they haven't had them, it's just that it's never actually crossed my mind that it could be worm-related :)