Sunday, April 25, 2010


Today was the first ANZAC Day in a long time that I didn't go to a remembrance service. I woke up well after dawn services were over, and then had to play at church this morning so I stayed there with Rosie while Chris took the boys to march in the later parade with their school.

It felt like something was missing from the day. I like to go along each year, even more so since my Grandad died a couple of years ago (he served in PNG during WWII). I never heard him talk about the war at all, so I asked my Mum for some info and she loaned me some books to read about the Australians in PNG during the war. Apparently the battalion he served in(49th) gets a bit of a dodgy rap in most of the literature, perhaps somewhat unfairly given they seemed to have received very little training and support.

However, church was good too. I made a resolution to try to take notes during sermons (thanks to friends Kristy and Anna for the idea!) more often because it helps me take in more information and concentrate on the sermon rather than being distracted by whatever cute thing Rosie happens to be doing. I managed to take notes on about half of it before Rosie started whingeing so I figured that was OK for a first effort. And it was a good sermon.

Last night, I also took advantage of Chris being busy sorting out a glitch in the computer program that does the church accounts to borrow a couple of girly DVDs, which I'll review tomorrow.

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend.

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