Saturday, April 3, 2010

Birthday party fun

Liam went to a birthday party today for a girl from his school who was turning 6. He was the only boy from his class there, the only other boys there were her little cousins.

When I arrived to pick him up, he was busy eating jelly from a cup and watching the birthday girl open her presents with her extended family. All the other little girls he knew from school were playing tea parties in one of the bedrooms.

I asked him if he had fun...he said he enjoyed jumping on the trampoline and eating the Freddo he got in the Pass the Parcel. He really did seem to have had a good time, so he must have jumped and eaten a lot in three hours.

This could be the last girl's party he goes to before the whole boy/girl germs thing starts up and he won't get invited to any girl's parties for many years. I'm glad he enjoyed it.

And so now it's time to get the Easter bunny into gear here. Happy Easter to everyone! (on the very remote chance that there's anyone out there who is reading...)

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