Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So I'm married...

...but I don't have the right paperwork to prove it, apparently.

I'm doing a one-off lecture at Southern Cross University in a few weeks' time. They needed to see my marriage certificate to prove my identity. I took what I thought was my marriage certificate to them last Thursday.

Today Uni admin call me to say the certificate I gave them (from my church) is commemorative only, not a certified copy, so I need to apply to Births, Deaths and Marriages to get a "real" one before I can work for them.

So tomorrow's fun school holiday activity is a trip to the local Magistrates Court to show them all the identity documents and pay lots of money so I can get the real thing ASAP. From the list of fees and charges, it looks like just under half of the money I am going to earn from doing the lecture is going to be what it costs to get the right certificate.

I've never been into a courthouse before, maybe it will be interesting? (clutching at straws here...). I think the kids will need to be bribed with food rewards so they will behave...

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