Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My employer... having a few problems paying its staff. You can read about it here. Fortunately all my maternity leave payments were made before the new system started up. I did get paid a couple of weeks ago through the new system when I wasn't expecting it and I thought it was wrong until I realised it was a public holiday pay that I actually was entitled to. The news isn't so good for those who haven't been paid for three whole pay periods though.

Closer to home, we are continuing our journey on the patient's side of the health system. Liam is still having a few problems with his eye, he is having some double vision and it looks like his upward eye movements are a bit limited since his scooter crash. So we're off to the specialist in Brisbane to see what to do next...and we're praying all will be well in the long term. Thanks to those who've been praying for him.

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