Thursday, December 30, 2010


I went shopping and found (almost) everything I went searching for...and maybe a bit more....

1. New hairdryer
2. New bathmat (not exactly the one I was looking for but one with bobble things on it, it feels great on the feet) and chair covers
3. Liam's birthday present (books and Nerf guns)
4. Ladybug backpack for Rosie to take to child care.
5. New tops for me
6. Sushi for lunch

Came home to a lovely clean house thanks to my wonderful housecleaning husband. Now to decide on what birthday cake to make for Liam tomorrow. Chris is the cake-making expert in our house so he will take care of the cooking and decorating.

Then my plan is to get back to my puzzle. That's proving more difficult than I thought. Not only is the picture of a lot of very similar looking wine corks, but sadly the picture on the front of the box doesn't match the puzzle inside it. The corks are there...but they are all in a different order to the ones on the photo. It will get quicker as I go along but at the moment I am placing pieces at a rate of around five per day...not very rewarding but it is good to be challenged.

And for our holiday Bible readings, Chris and I are working through the latest Briefing readings on guidance. Good stuff. It's been a while since I read Guidance and the Voice of God so it's nice to review it again in a slightly different format.

Hope everyone is enjoying time with family and friends this holiday season.

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