Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The madness of breaking up at school

It has destroyed the minimal creativity I possess. I'm all out of ideas for posts at the moment.

The boys finished school today with Presentation Day this morning. Actually there is one official day of school left but instead of going to school tomorrow I am going to send them to our church holiday program, Good News Week, for the day. Tomorrow morning we will go out to breakfast/for milkshakes to celebrate our successes this year. Tonight our Advent calendar activity was thinking of how God had grown and changed each of us during the past twelve months so we have discovered many things to be thankful for.

And then it is the holidays. Chris gets to spend the first day of the holidays with all three kids while I go to a professional development day at work. I am not very excited about going but maybe it will be okay when I get there. Just not in the work groove right now, hoping the excitement returns in the new year when the time comes to go back....

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Jenny said...

O it was so painfully busy - I'm very pleased it is all over!