Thursday, December 9, 2010

God's son was born in a shed

The message for this Sunday's toddler session at our church (we call it Sprouts) that I am running.

We are calling it a shed because strictly speaking it doesn't actually say anywhere in the Bible that Jesus was born in a stable. Wherever it was, it was a place where animals and humans lived under the same roof. So it could have been a stable, or maybe the interesting alternative of a "house of poverty."

It's just that when I hear the word "shed", I think of the Titans steel shed variety. Like this one:

Since the kids are pretty small (18 months to 2ish years old mostly) I can't get too carried away on the craft front. Some pasting and colouring in will probably be as complex as it gets.

And I haven't worked with this group for a few months, so I will have to relearn all the J for Jesus songs....

Off to photocopy some shed pictures now.

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