Friday, December 3, 2010

Weather forecast for Carols at the Markets

Rain, rain and more rain.

But we have to turn up rain or shine. I was hoping that if it's really torrential rain they might cancel so we could sleep in instead. Hopefully all the sound and electrical equipment we are taking survives any downpours that might happen.

It won't be very pleasant for people to sit around on the grass and listen to us sing and play if it's pouring rain.

Please pray that if it does rain, it won't be heavy non-stop rain. Showers I think I can cope with. Pouring rain is another story. And it's not like we've ever done this before so there's already all the issues around us doing our first real public/non-church performance.

But I'm going to try not to be anxious. Today I've been reading in Ruth about the shelter of "God's wings." It would be good to have some of that shelter tomorrow.

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