Saturday, December 4, 2010

No rain!!

Apart from a few spits (which could hardly even be called showers) we survived Carols at the Markets this morning without getting wet. We were inside a tent to sing and play but it wouldn't have been fun if it was pouring outside the tent. And because it wasn't raining people sat down and ate their food and drank their coffee and listened to us for a while. We even had some applause from the crowd, and that wasn't just from the people who came from our church to watch us.

God is good.

I still have plenty of room for improvement but for a first attempt I think it was okay. Improvising on some of the carols and adding variety with a few instrumental carols that are different from the sung ones is what I'll need to work on, I think.

Exhausted now...and we have to do it all again in two weeks time!

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