Monday, September 5, 2011

Parenting fail...

I am very bad at preparing costumes for school events. I think there are some parents who are really creative and actually enjoy this kind of thing.

Not me. Every time it comes up (and it happens lots more often than I would have ever expected it to), much effort and angst goes into preparing something that doesn't end up looking much good.

For the past two years, my oldest child has walked around in the school multicultural day parade draped in an old orange sheet. It was a Roman toga two years ago, last year it was a Thai monk's outfit. But because I have been unable to secure it properly with safety pins, it has fallen off him both times.

I think he's embarrassed by my lack of ability in this area. After spending two years looking at other parents' magnificent costuming efforts, I have decided it's time to lift my game. This year Aidan's class is studying China. So I bought him a pair of black Chinese pyjamas (not much effort required, I know). At least I think they are pyjamas. The label says Size 16 but they are almost too small for him already. Obviously Chinese children are far smaller than my very tall kids. A kind friend has lent me one of those dome shaped hats for him to wear.

Last year Liam had a costume provided by his class teacher, an American Indian head dress. This year we have to dress him up as a little German boy (hats will be provided though). Shorts, braces and a white shirt. We don't have braces but I heard his teacher telling the class today that "Mum could just pin ribbons on to look like braces."

It all sounds deceptively simple. I'm sure it won't be for costume-phobics like me.

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Meredith said...

Well,if it is any consolation, from a teacher's perspective, I always preferred the home made, not quite perfect costumes that came through my classroom door on these sorts of days. Much rather have the home made outfits that showed that the kids were involved in working it all out. Far more educational outcomes achieved that way, which is what it is all about - not stressing parents who have enough stress in their lives as it is.