Thursday, September 15, 2011

Today at work

I had a couple of cancellations. Not good. Despite my explaining to people that I am finishing up in a weeks' time, they think I will still be able to squeeze them in. Because I am nice, I'm doing my best, but I think the time has come to start getting a bit cranky.

So you are cancelling because you booked your child's appointment on a day they go to preschool? Well, why didn't you tell me earlier that they go to preschool that day? We could have organised another non-preschool day two weeks ago rather than now having to put him in on my very last day when I am trying to finish off all my reports and write a handover for my as yet non-existent replacement. And had I known you were going to cancel, I could have taken a couple of hours off as time in lieu to go to my kids' school and see them in their costumes for multicultural day.

So after moving on from this, I got into a couple of the other jobs on my to-do list. One of the other therapists and I whipped up a Powerpoint presentation for a talk to new mothers about play and infant development. Gave that a run through in the afternoon with a group at one of the local child health centres so I could see straight away what needed to be changed.

And I spent another fifteen minutes doing the highly non-urgent task of completing my online driver's training. This is for all Queensland Health workers who drive cars. I've worked for this organisation for almost five years now and this is the first time I've ever heard of the driving training. Nice to know I'm up to date with that just as I'm about to start maternity leave.

Because the online training covers workers all over Queensland, it had a lot of highly irrelevant information for city dwellers like me. Like how to drive on gravel roads, leaving farm gates as you find them (I remembered that one from my first OT job twenty years ago) and how you should drive when you encounter road trains. I skipped a lot of that stuff, which meant when I came to do the little quiz at the end I had to guess a few answers.

Still, I managed to score 100% on the ten questions (not too bad considering I was doing this at 5pm as the day was ending).

And I now know that you should leave at least 1km clearance when overtaking a road train. Just in case I ever encounter one in a Queensland Health work vehicle.

Tomorrow's non-urgent activity? Doing the online fire safety training. Hoping I can knock over the quiz for that one in ten minutes as well. But I do have three clients booked in the morning and a meeting in the afternoon. Hope all the clients turn up or it's curtains for them from me. No more nice therapist here.

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