Monday, September 12, 2011

Unfortunate timing clash

This is a flyer for a men's training event that the Queensland Christian Convention Association is putting on this weekend in Brisbane. It looked interesting. I was hoping Chris would go.

But sadly, he has had to bump this from the timetable to go instead to.....

.....a Freemasons meeting.

In his defence, it's work related. Chris is acting in a management position in the hospital at present and the Masons have given the hospital a very large donation. So he needs to go to the meeting to accept it and to make a thank you speech.

I do find it slightly amusing though. Coming from a position of complete ignorance about the Freemasons, we've often wondered (usually as we drive past one of their halls) what they do in their meetings. Now it seems like there's a chance for Chris to find out. Just a bit awkward about the timing.

But for anyone else who knows a man who can get to Brisbane on Saturday, the details of the men's training event are here. If you're a guy who's a Christian, you should go.

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