Monday, September 19, 2011

So after months of indecision

...we have finally decided what car we will be upgrading to.

It hasn't been an easy decision. First I had to get over my issues with driving a people mover. Then we discovered that no people mover has every feature we want.

I'm still not entirely convinced that we've made the right choice. But what we've decided on should be big enough to last us for a while, allowing for the fact that we are probably going to end up with some very tall children. Eventually, interior space had to be the main consideration.

So the winner is

the Hyundai iMax. We are going to get a car broker to find it for us to save us the grief of dealing with used car salesmen. Had a not-so-fun experience a couple of weekends ago in the used car yard which is making us not want to go back there.

I like blue and black ones the best. Not so keen on the white, because I think they look too much like courier vans. But I am guessing we may not have much say on the final colour.

Now to face up to the whole challenge of driving something that is going to be very conspicuous.

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