Monday, September 12, 2011

The random layout of Asian grocery shops....

....makes it very difficult to just duck in quickly to grab something.

Today I was after Chinese cooking wine. Rosie was asleep when we got to the shop so it wasn't going to work trying to get her to walk. I picked her up and hoisted her up over my shoulder (she's not too heavy, but she feels that way when she's half asleep), thinking I could see a row of bottles straight inside the doorway. Hoping they were Chinese cooking wines.

No. Had to ask an assistant. She directed me to aisle 7. Near some non-food items. Quite a few of the aisles are like this, an interesting mixture of clothing, packet noodles and various sauces.

This probably shows my ignorance of Asian cultures. Maybe the layout makes more sense if you can read the labels on things and realise they are in fact related to one another?


Wendy said...

Or it may be that the owner isn't very organised! The label thing could be an issue, but non-food with food items sounds weird. Maybe if you used the shop regularly you'd find your way around better.

But I do feel like Japanese town planning is like this. There is retail, industry, agriculture, houses, recreational facilities and high density housing all within a km or so of our house!

Karen said...

Yes, was thinking after I posted that maybe it's just an issue with our local Asian grocery shop?? I haven't been to many perhaps I am making a generalisation that isn't actually there to be made?