Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Driving the new people mover

Yesterday our new people mover was delivered. This morning was its first big test. Reversing out of our driveway and doing the school run. So far I haven't hit anything.

Thoughts so far.

1. Rosie took a little while to adjust. She had a tantrum when we put her into the new car seat. She was pointing at our old family car (the Honda CRV) and yelling "dat car, dat car" (translation "we should be in that car") as we drove out of the driveway. Fortunately that didn't last long.

2. It feels enormous. Probably because it is enormous. It's big even compared to most other people movers. I keep telling myself this will be an advantage as our children increase in size. And that I will get used to it.

3. The seating in it is very high. I feel like I am sitting above the rest of the driving world as I am driving it in suburbia. But I guess when I take it out on the highway and drive it next to semi-trailers I will realise that it is all relative.

4. I think this is the hardest bit. It feels like we have "crossed over" into the large family world. I was talking about this with a friend a few weeks ago. A better description might be whingeing, actually, about having to buy such a big car. Her theory on why I didn't want to do it was that having a people mover represents "having a large family" and that I didn't want to belong in that camp.

I think she is right. I was happy with our tent pitched in the medium sized SUV average sized family camp. Now we are in a different crowd. And I'm still not sure I want to be there. But there's no going back now.


Wendy said...

It is funny, isn't it, our perspectives. In the "general world" three kids or more is considered a large family. Funny where our individual minds decide is okay and what isn't.

The advantage of being high, by the way, is better visibility. We have friends who, though both their kids have left home, only want to drive a van (actually it is the wife), because of the visibility. Another set of friends who, after years of driving a van with no nose, cannot imagine driving something with a big bonnet!

SandyJ said...

Hi Karen,
I haven't met you in person, but I've been reading your blog for a while. We had a similar situation when going from 6 to 7 children - we weren't quite ready for the 'big family driving a 15 passenger van' so instead we drove 2 cars everywhere...

Karen said...

Hi Sandy, thanks for reading! The idea of driving two cars for a while was considered here too...but I am getting used to the big bus (aka "The Silver Bullet") as I drive it more. Parking is still a bit of an adventure though...