Monday, October 24, 2011

Boys names

We can't find one we agree on. I only have two that I like, neither of which Chris likes. Baby name books are not assisting in making the decision any easier. In my opinion, baby name books have a lot of non-names in them that the average person would never use.

We have a few more girls names, so I'm starting to think it might be easier if this baby is a girl. If it's a boy, it might be nameless for a while. I had another scan to check the baby's growth this morning. The sonographer asked me if I knew what sex the baby was. It was very hard not to say, "could you PLEASE just tell me so we can take the name books back to the library!"

Instead I told her that I thought my husband would be upset with me if I found out without him being there. She said I should just wait for the surprise.

Looks like it's back to the name books (with accompanying television coverage of the Queen's visit to Brisbane) to see if there are any other names I might be prepared to consider.

On the good news front, the baby's average measurements put it at 36 weeks + 2 days gestational age. Exactly where I am up to today. Pretty cool.


Sarah said...

Glad to hear the scan went well - I had one this morning too!

I agree that it was very tempting to take a peek at the gender, but I too resisted :-)

Deb L said...

And I used to TRY to cheat by looking myself. But I had no idea what I was looking at. I'm good at finding the heart and the head... that's about it. We would always manage to come up with the name for one gender and then be stuck on the other. I would start talking about it about a day after the pregnancy test. Steven would say, "We've got lots of time." There we'd be, about to be wheeled into the theatre, still going, "Ummmmmmm.....okay, that'll do, I guess." God was gracious: we always seemed to get the gender we were actually prepared for! For what it's worth, the Births, Deaths and Marriages often have a most popular names list for each year. Not that you'd want the most popular name, but out of the top 100 you get a good idea of names... and if modern names don't suit you, you can always search the most popular names for 1936! Here's the link to the Victorian one...

Wendy said...

We had a girls name we never got to use! And yes, the third boy's name was hard. But we're happy with what we chose.

Karen said...

Thanks Deb, will check it out. We also need to match this one's name with the other three...which adds to the challenge!
Wendy, you're right. Two boy's names is easy. The third one is looking like the straw that will break the camel's back :)

Karen said...

And hi Sarah, glad all is going well for you! I am picking up my scan results tomorrow before my clinic appointment...I may be coming home, ripping open the envelope and staring at all the little pictures to try and see if I can see anything (not that I have a clue what I'm looking for!)