Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This is the coolest house

You can see more photos of it here. A friend of ours lives there now. But she is selling. It's a beautiful location, across the road from a quiet waterfront. There's a nice little jetty there to sit on and go fishing. Or have a nice glass of wine.

We haven't caught up with our friend for a while so we're not sure why she's selling. Chris stayed with her for the first few weeks when he started working down here (while he was waiting for the rest of us to move down from Brisbane). Some of the sloping ceilings weren't fantastic for his tall frame to cope with.

Our friend is a great collector of old furniture. She likes to find stuff at kerbside collection time and carries it back to her place. Somehow the eclectic mix of things seems to work really well together. And it all feels really homely and just right for the style of the house.

It's not a house that's really suitable for small children. But it is amazing to see it inside. And it has a library. One of the A-framed sections is lined with bookshelves.

I'm a little bit envious. I would love to have a house with a library in it one day. I have another friend who has a library room in her home too. One of those unfulfilled dreams that might come true one day....

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