Friday, February 25, 2011

Back to the grindstone...

A quiet start.

I booked in a few kids to see. There was only one prior booking organised and they didn't turn up for their session. I couldn't get my email reconnected straightaway so I was limited in what I could do on the work computers. By two hours in on the first day back it felt like I'd never left. There were lots of unfamiliar faces though, plenty of staff turnover can happen in eighteen months.

Looking for stuff to do, I cleaned out my in-tray that was full to overflowing the day I finished work eighteen months ago. At 33 weeks pregnant, and two weeks before I was due to go on maternity leave, I went home from work one Friday afternoon and my labour began that evening so work ended very abruptly. Due to this unexpected exit, there were lots of unfinished bits and pieces in the tray. It felt a bit strange looking at all the things I'd thought were so important at the time and thinking that last time I'd looked at this stuff I was pregnant. It was almost like the last eighteen months hadn't happened.

So I threw nearly all of it out and now I have almost-empty trays to fill up again. It won't take long.

The next big test is whether the payroll system can pay me correctly. People are still having lots of issues being paid properly with the new payroll system (can you still call it new twelve months in??) so I am not expecting much joy with that.

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