Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Learned something today

Apparently our insurance company covers us for riverine flooding (see here). They cover it in New South Wales but not Queensland. This is not good news for the many people affected by flooding in Brisbane who have insurance with this company.

It is being called a "sunny-day flood" so therefore it is not being covered. Obviously this is in the fine print somewhere on the policy, but who ever reads that part?

Not me. I didn't realise we were actually covered for this just because we are fortunate enough to live five minutes south of the border. But then we also live at the top of a big hill and a good distance away from our closest river so it's probably not crucial information for me to know either.

My parents had no cover for flood damage. They were told by their long time insurance company that they were unable to get flood cover because their house is in a known flood-risk area. But their next door neighbours had it, and my understanding is that they paid a fair bit extra on their premium to have it. On that basis, I can see why their neighbours might be annoyed to see insurance companies paying out for people with more "standard" policies.

The floods have now largely disappeared from news coverage apart from the ongoing economic impact they have had. We shouldn't forget there are many individuals who will struggle enormously to recover from this devastating event and need both practical and financial help to do so. Still so much to pray for!

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