Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Op shop finds

I spent this morning sorting out pool water dramas. Recently the water has turned green in the excessive humidity which usually means an algae problem. The pool is not normally my problem since Chris normally deals with it, but he has been busy at work and unable to take water samples to the pool shop so that part of the pool care has been allocated to me for the moment. This is the second time in a week I have been there. I didn't think the water looked too green this time last week so I wasn't given strong enough chemicals then. Now we need the heavy duty algae killer.

And so I have become aware of how much pool chemicals actually cost. Not cheap at all.

So to give myself the feeling that I was cutting down on spending in other areas of our life, I went shopping at a local op shop that I had heard good things about.

I feel much better now. A fantastic skirt and a nice top, both of which will be fine to wear at work and elsewhere. My work uniform is optional and I wear it most of the time but some days I just like to have something different. And only $15 combined cost. Excellent.

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