Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This is very scary

In Queensland right now, it has almost reached the point of "another day, another disaster..." I don't mean to be blase or anything like that, but it is almost numbing to watch yet another tragedy unfolding for so many people.

Praying hard right now for friends from our church who moved to Cairns a couple of years ago. They are staying put at home and praying for their safety. It is very hard to watch the storm on the weather map moving inevitably closer and closer to them. Even if they have lived through a cyclone before (and I am not sure they have had anything too significant since they have lived there) this one is like nothing anyone, even the locals, have encountered before.

We lived in Cairns for six months in 1997, fortunately during the dry season. The attitude towards cyclones we observed from the locals while we were there was fairly cruisy. Most of them talked about "a bit of wind" and "a fair bit of rain" when the topic came up. This time, I think even the locals are very afraid of what's to come tonight.

Keep on praying for them all....

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