Friday, February 18, 2011

The King's Speech

Chris had a day off today (my last official day of maternity leave...I start back next Thursday) so because we were child-free during school hours we went to see The King's Speech. I've been wanting to see it for a while.

Because we went to a morning movie session, there were lots of older people in the cinema with us. It's been a while since we were the youngest people in a movie so it was interesting listening to the conversations around us. I heard one old guy behind us asking at the point where Colin Firth was getting ready to give the big speech and Helena Bonham Carter was giving him a last kiss and a few words of encouragement, "That's his wife, is it?" Given that that was at least three quarters of the way through the film, I'm not sure who he thought she was before that. Amusing though.

It was kind of interesting watching the therapeutic relationship between George VI and Lionel Logue develop through the film. Unsure how true to real life this was, but it seemed to evolve beyond a professional-client partnership into a friendship. That hasn't ever happened for me as a professional (in fact, I've probably always viewed that as being a bit questionable ethically) but I guess their relationship could never have really been a conventional one given the status of the client involved.

I think Chris would have preferred to be out having a surf at the beach because it's been a very warm day here, but since I am an early-bird beach-goer who doesn't like being out there once the heat of the day kicks in, I was more than happy to sit in the cool air-conditioning and eat a choc-top ice cream. Yum.

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