Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I feel like I need a holiday already

Because it doesn't feel as though I've had one.

And it's only week two of school. And I am actually still on "leave" but going back to work in two more weeks. And the kids aren't even getting homework yet.

Since Christmas, it has just been busy busy busy here. My jigsaw puzzle lies under the bed, unfinished. I have stacks of books on my "to read" pile. I want to read them all....right now. I am trying to work out how much volunteering I can manage at school once I am working two days each week. I am starting up a Christian book discussion for the ladies at our church and feeling nervous about how it will go. I want to go back to work and do things differently, not just go back to the stupid and ineffective old habits I had before, so I need to plan strategies to avoid getting sucked into the pit of familiarity.

There's too much to think about so it's much easier to avoid it all and just think about where to go next time we go on holidays.

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