Monday, July 16, 2012

Getting our lighthouse fix

Half the people in our house are sick at the moment. One of the others was sick last week. I'm hoping that breastfeeding might give the baby a less severe bout of whatever bug it is (he's still hanging in there staying well, I think, but he has been a bit whingey in the past day or two). I haven't gotten it yet but  the odds would suggest it's only a matter of time before I get sick too.

So to escape the germs, I took the well child out for some one on one time this afternoon while Dad, the baby, the toddler and the ten year old were sleeping. We went off to the library together to pick up a book that he had waiting for him. Then, because we are the two lighthouse-lovers in our family, we headed down for a visit to one of the local lighthouses. Recently, they've done a bit of restoration work on the foundations of the old lighthouse keeper's cottage so you can now have a look at a floor plan of what it looked like once, and you can see the foundations of each of the rooms. We'd been and seen it once before, but it didn't matter. He was fascinated by it again. It's always amazing to see how little space was required for a large family to live in, compared with the oversized homes of today.

And then we had hot chips from the local takeaway shop when we got back from our walk before returning to the illness fray.

A very pleasant way to spend an afternoon before school goes back tomorrow.

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One for a wish.. said...

when we had bub no 2 we decided that our 2 1/2 bedroom house was too small. As we were doing our extension a lady, who's parents had built our house, told us of being one of nine children who were raised in this same little place!
Makes me wonder whether we are too spoilt...