Friday, July 13, 2012

Hearing those speech sounds develop....

When I was choosing what to study at University, my second choice after Occupational Therapy was Speech Pathology. After a week of learning about standing transfers and the use of mobile hoists, and facing a week of revisiting the joys of wheelchair prescription (leading to extreme brain fatigue and inability to think of blogging material....), I'm wondering whether speech may have been the better choice.

Anyway, I've been rediscovering that it's lots of fun listening to how a toddler's speech changes as they learn all the different sounds and pronunciations. In the past couple of weeks, a "boppin" has become a "bottom." (Can you guess that there's been lots of cries of "wipe my boppin/bottom" coming from the direction of the toilet?)

It's great hearing the words become clearer. And how Rosie tries to use lots of new words when she's talking. We're in the stage of vocab explosion right now, which is really exciting.

Let's just say it seems far more exciting than the bunch of online quizzes about manual handling, no lift policies and preventing musculoskeletal injuries in workplaces that are currently waiting to be marked.

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