Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tim Freedman live

What a great night. He's an absolute magician on the piano.

He was performing at the Old Museum in Brisbane. It was my first visit there since back in the 1970s when it was the only Brisbane museum. Now it makes a pretty cool concert venue. The only downside was having to queue for ages to get in because there was only one person to check that all 500 of us had tickets in our hands (or on our phone screens).  And the woman who came on stage during the interval between the support act and Tim to ask what people were doing leaning on the back wall of the concert hall because there were seats available down the front. That reminded me a bit too much of high school assemblies.

But the singing was excellent. I could have easily kept on listening all night. Missed out on an autograph at the end because I was worried about the late hour and how our not too well baby might be coping back at Grandma's house. As it turned out, he was fine, and only woke up because we walked into the room and disturbed him.

Listened to The Whitlams all the way back home to church this morning in the car. Exhausted but happy. We don't get to do this kind of thing too often so it's pretty special when we manage to pull it off. We even made it there in less than 100% health ourselves (not to mention the kids with three snotty noses among the four of them) so it's nice to know we can do it.

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simone r said...

I've been buzzing all day today. Brilliant.