Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Just hanging around

Our two bigger children are visiting their grandparents for the first week of the school holidays. Whenever there are less children in our house than normal, life suddenly seems a whole lot easier. It makes me wonder why I thought I had such a busy life when I only had two kids.

We've also had no car yesterday and today, because it's having a final paint job after my crash in it a while back.

So we've had to stay home for a couple of days. Not so bad when you have books to read, plants to get watered, recipes to try out and a little bit of work to get done.

Yesterday I dragged out our hammock for the first time in ages. So Rosie has spent yesterday and today swinging in it, climbing in and out, and having a wonderful time.

And then, in the afternoons, while she is asleep, I have been having an afternoon sleep and reading my books in it. The place where we hang it up gets sun for most of the day, so I have been soaking up the winter sunshine and admiring the view over the surrounding area. It even has an ocean glimpse from my reclining position.

Absolute bliss.

Note...this is not me nor our hammock in the photo, but it does look pretty close to the type of hammock we have!

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Bec said...

A friend of mine once said to me that the equation for easier kid time was "whatever you have minus 1" so if you have 4, then 3 is easy. If you have 2 then 1 is easy. Get it? I think she is right! Enjoy your 4-2 time!