Monday, July 30, 2012

School signs spelled wrongly....

It's not quite as bad as the one pictured above, but our school's sign regularly has spelling errors on it. I think it's because the school handyman puts the messages up. I like to see how long it takes someone to mention in the office that it's incorrect and for him to then change it to the right spelling. Usually it's done within a couple of days.

The message being put up today said "Good luck athletes at the distrit carnival."  As I was driving off after dropping off the kids, I saw the guy putting the letters on and wished it wasn't too busy to wind down the window and ask one of the boys to tell him how to spell "district" as they were going past.

I am a bit of a spelling nazi, and seeing words spelled incorrectly on signage does grate on me a little. Not usually enough for me to tell anyone about it though. Obviously it annoys others more since they actually do tell someone. Or maybe one of the teachers picks it up and has a quiet word to get it all sorted.

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Tasmanian said...

OH MY GOODNESS it drives me insane too.