Thursday, March 31, 2011

Book Chat #2

Or maybe I should have called this one...the ups and downs of attempting to organise something.

After freaking out a couple of weeks ago that too many people would come along to the book chat on Saturday, now I am getting lots of apologies and "sorry, I can't make its."

So in the true style of one who is never I am feeling a bit discouraged. Why aren't they coming when they seemed so keen a few weeks ago? Didn't they like the book? Didn't they finish it? I would love people to come even if they didn't finish it. I like knowing why people haven't finished it...Was it too boring to get into? Was there not enough time? Is it me/my house they don't like?? (well, maybe the last one isn't true but hey, why let that get in the way of catastrophizing?).

So I hope there will still be a few of us to chat about it. I really REALLY enjoyed this book, it highlighted heaps of fantastic memory verses to learn.

I have also learned stuff about how to organise this group next time. Find out who is actually coming so I can email around to remind them and maybe send out a discussion question to hook them into not pulling out (thanks Deb for the tip!). Get more books to begin with so that I don't have slower members of the crowd who don't buy it in the first two weeks saying to me, "they've sold out of the book on the stand so I can't read it now..." (when this happened and I asked if we could buy some more for the book stall I was told it would be better if we could try to share the other copies around). Find out who has actually bought it early on so I can see if they've finished with it and are happy to pass it on to one of those who are slower off the mark so that then they can read it and come along.

I will not feel disheartened by this. It is going to make me clean up my house, so that can only be a good thing.

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Deb L said...

Sooooooo? How did it go?