Monday, March 7, 2011

Scary 70s fashion #1

I received this today via one of those humorous emails that people send around workplaces (Chris forwarded it to me at home). It also contained a few more funky 70s fashion items that I might put up here when I am low on other blogging material.

Made from stretch terry towelling. I do remember when I was growing up in the 70s, my Mum did a stretch sewing course and for some time afterwards we wore home-made terry towelling tops and shorts. Glad that fashion craze didn't last.

Love the name of the company too.

I do have one other question. Who sits around putting emails full of amusing 70s fashion (and other similarly grouped funny photos) together and sending them around workplaces? Where do these things originate?


One for a wish.. said...

I used to own a pair of yellow terry towelling shorts- with white stripes down the side!!
You'd have to be a brave man to wear that outfit..not least because the terry towelling reveals all (or lack of, in this man's case)

Karen said...

I am actually now wondering what the "H" on the feature belt detail stands for?? Hot?

Deb L said...

The belt? That's obviously. It's a H for him. Because otherwise how would a husband and wife distinguish between their matching towelling jumpsuits when getting dressed in a hurry before leading the singing at church?