Sunday, March 6, 2011

New era at 7.30 on the ABC

Leigh Sales takes up co-hosting duties tomorrow night. In one of those "six degrees of separation" Brisbane stories, I have an indirect connection with her. She went to the same high school and was in the same year as my husband Chris. He was the nerdy maths/science brain while she won all the English prizes and starred in the drama and school musical scene. Between them, from what I can gather, they cleaned up at the Aspley High Speech Night back in 1990.

We have seen her career progress from ABC North American correspondent (Chris casually said one night as we were watching the news, "I went to school with her") to Lateline, the Chaser and that show on the ABC that Andrew Hansen hosted where people gave prepared and impromptu public speeches (I can't remember what it was called). She is certainly the cool woman around the ABC studios at the moment.

It's been interesting seeing where two people from the same high school have ended up twenty years later. You could argue she's been more "successful" in the world's eyes than Chris (not that he isn't successful to me!) but I was reading a story about her in the magazine that came with today's Sun-Herald newspaper that said she no longer believes in God. Since earlier in the article it talked about how she was married to a guy who is the son of an Assemblies of God minister, and Chris thought that in Uni days she may have attended church, I found it sad that she says she doesn't believe in God because "I couldn't get my head around the fact with religion that if you don't believe this, you are going to hell. I found I just couldn't get there."

So it looks like Chris is the real winner after all. It is his birthday today, so if you are reading Chris, happy birthday to you!

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