Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crystal children

This week I have been doing a bit of google researching (highly evidence-based, I know) on "crystal children." The mother of the boy I am seeing tomorrow believes her son is a crystal child who has special talents and intelligence. Supposedly these children have some kind of blue aura around them.

I am a bit skeptical. I think crystal child might be the new age term for children whose parents are not ready to accept that their child is delayed/on the autistic spectrum/has attention issues or whatever else.

I am open to the fact that there are children with special talents and intelligence but to get through the school system in Queensland (and almost everywhere else too, I guess), you do need to have a few basic skills like being able to sit down and listen, participate in group times and understand what is going on, hold a pencil and scissors so that you can do craft and activity sheets, and some ability to communicate with adults and peers. That is what my therapist colleagues and I can help with. If your child doesn't have those skills, then even if he is a crystal child, he is going to need to acquire them before he acquires the less flattering label of "behaviour problem."

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