Friday, March 4, 2011

Just like getting back on the horse....

Well, I don't actually know how to ride a horse, but at work I am getting back into the swing of things.

I saw my first clients this week. Yesterday I did a home visit with the Physio. I love home visits with kids. There is so much more you can see in their home environment. And important topics come up, often more naturally than they might in the clinic.

I quite liked doing home visits when I worked with adults as well. It was so interesting seeing how and where people from all walks of life live and how their homes are meaningful (or not) to them.

I missed all that when I worked in a hospital environment. I think I was meant to work in the community.

Today I assessed two little four year olds, one after the other, in the clinic. Three different assessment tools, but all seemed to come flooding back without too much effort. Even the "patter", the chat and questions that I routinely ask parents, seemed to flow smoothly.

And we have a new regular social function at work, drinks and nibblies on a Friday afternoon. We take turns to bring in a bottle of wine and chips/nuts or other savouries. Obviously it is all supposed to be very relaxing, but I can already see myself feeling stressed when it is my turn since my wine selection criteria generally consists of looking for the prettiest bottle label for under $15.

I think I might have to find someone with more expertise in the field. Someone mentioned dry whites from Marlborough in New Zealand are good. Other suggestions would be most welcome.

The only low point was that I got my first ever parking ticket on Thursday for being 15 minutes late to top up the parking meter near our building. Bad timing to get one since I haven't been paid yet. So it looks like it is back to parking at the horse racing complex 15 minutes down the road and catching the free shuttle bus in and out.

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