Thursday, March 17, 2011

Work is wearing me out...

I feel unhappy saying this. Usually work energises me. I love sharing ideas, trying new things, thinking about what's the best approach to helping this family and which other one would work best for that one.

Not at the moment. I feel exhausted. Today I waffled around in a case discussion and felt really stupid. I had to write my notes about the case on a whiteboard which is very difficult when you are left handed. I kept smudging what I'd written so nobody could actually read it from the board when I had finished.

Then I had to go and talk to a bunch of Mums and their little babies about toys, play and infant development. Generally in these talks, one or more of the babies cries. In the past, I could keep on talking without missing a beat or becoming distracted. Not today. Two of them started up and I just lost where I was up to and felt like I couldn't string two consecutive sentences together.

And then I came home and read a bunch of blogs with intelligent thoughts and well reasoned arguments presented on them.

None of that here tonight, I'm afraid. Bed is calling.

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