Saturday, March 26, 2011

Today I voted in the State election

But I didn't feel very excited about it. We live in a safe National seat. The Liberal/National Coalition were always going to win this election in a landslide. And they've been able to achieve this feat without even telling us what they will be offering the people of NSW from Government. It would be good if they could enlighten us about this sometime soon.

I was tempted to vote for the No Parking Meter Party on the Upper House form. They seemed to have a lot of names under the line. Cool party name and policy. I got a parking fine a couple of weeks ago. No parking meters would be great (even though the parking meter I was fined from was in Queensland...).

So now it's onto the election coverage on TV. Antony Green is the main reason I watch. His enthusiasm for elections is endearing.

Probably the highlight of my day was baking white chocolate and raspberry muffins to take to the cake stall the school was running as a fundraiser while the voting was on. They looked so good I made another batch for us to eat at home.

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