Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Office: UK or US version?

UK all the way here. So much so that I have never even watched the US one. I am told the US Series 1 isn't much good but after that series it improves heaps. I'm not sure I'm convinced.


Chris said...

UK absolutely. Never seen the US version but from the ads it just looks like the lowest common denominator humour with lots of canned laughter.

What makes the UK version for me is the spaces between the action- the slightly uncomfortable moments that really reflect office life and give it that air of realty TV. Genius.

And why do the Americans (apologies to any reading this but maybe you can explain it) need to remake someone elses TV show? Either enjoy the original or do something of your own, but why take what someone else has done and change it so much but still pretend its the same? And on that note, why revoice Bananas in Pyjamas?

Life- full of things I don't get.

Jared said...

Lots of canned laughter? perhaps you should watch the show..

The U.S. version is not pretending its the same show as the U.K. It's an entirely different series. Yes its got all the same base elements, but it stands by itself.

Sure the first season of the U.S. Office blew chunks.. but the second, is where they really found their stride.

It annoys me that people automatically think its crap, without giving it a chance. Don't get me wrong, youre 100% right about America finding shows and doing their own spin on it, the biggest FAIL that comes to mind is The IT Crowd. (U.S) Pilot, that never aired

But you can't really compare U.S. Office to U.K. Office.. its apples and oranges

Karen said...

So would you recommend leaving series 1 and just starting with US series 2, Jared? (Hi, by the way!)