Thursday, March 10, 2011

Book Chat

In the true style of one who begins every year full of enthusiasm for new projects, I have started a couple of new things this year. One is at the kids' school where I am using my occupational therapy skills as a parent volunteer to run a gross motor skills group with some of the Year 1s and 2s. More about that one coming next week after I run the first session.

The other new project is at church. Inspired by a post on Jean's blog last year about reading a good Christian book and seeing if others wanted to read it together with me, some women from our church are currently reading "God Is Enough" by Ray Galea. Then they are going to come around to our place for afternoon tea on a Saturday in a few weeks' time and we will all discuss it.

I would have been happy if just one other person had been interested in reading it with me. Just the thought that someone else might be reading it as well was enough to get me to finish it and get it off the rather large "unfinished" pile of Christian books that I own.

But demand has been greater than I thought. All ten copies that were ordered for the church book stall have been sold. And some of those are being shared around a couple of people. I am starting to get worried that our house will not be able to hold everyone who is reading it. And maybe I will have to think of a few more questions beyond "What did everyone think of the book?" and "Which of the Psalms in this book were particularly relevant to your life right now?" And of course, I am now experiencing the fear and anxiety that accompanies that feeling that I may just have overcommitted myself.

I am excited though. It's great to have so much interest. I've deliberately called it "Book Chat" rather than a "Book Club" so that when we run it again (if it takes off, we will do it once a term) other women who didn't read with us this time can feel free to join in.

And "God Is Enough" is a fantastic book. It encourages you to read your Bible as well since Ray Galea suggests that you read each of the Psalms he covers in it twice before you read the chapter he wrote about it. And all the Psalms are ones we should be memorising verses from.


Deb L said...

Yay! They won't all be able to come in the end so they will fit in your lounge room. They will all want to be there so they will talk long without too much prompting. Hope it's really, really fun and draws you all closer to each other and Jesus.

Karen said...

Thanks for the encouragement Deb. Are you the Deb who posted about it on Jean's blog in the first place??
It is good to hear that so many people are reading it. And I am expecting a few will drop off along the way but even if only a couple of people turn up then it will still be fun (and much easier to cater for...)

Deb L said...

Yep, same old Deb.

Karen said...

It's good to see what you look like!!

imaginarydreaming said...

I'm really looking forward to Book Chat!

And even if you get an unexpectedly huge turnout, I'm sure people will be happy to squish up and then you could consider alternate arrangements for future'll be fine :)

Karen said...

Hi, Kristen!! (See, I still get so excited when new people comment on my blog...!)