Monday, June 18, 2012

Billets are on their way

We're such introverted types here that we're dreading it a little bit. But I said to Chris this morning that if one of our kids ever went on a school band tour, I'd want them to stay with people like us. So we should be those kind of people now.

The house is clean (almost). Just the kitchen and dining room table to do. Rosie's toy kitchen, for the third time today. I put all the little plates, knives, forks, spoons and wooden bits of fruit away neatly, and she walked in behind me as I was leaving and said, "I cook now." So it is back to the state it was in to start with.

There was only one book hidden behind the toilet (don't ask). Will have to have a word to the older two about that...again.

Sultana cake with brandy soaked sultanas in it is made and cooling down. It smells amazing. Dinner tonight is fancied up spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread and salad. And chocolate mousse with strawberries on top for dessert.

Praying that we can show hospitality to these guys and that they will like us/we will like them. And that the younger kids can cope with the additional family members for the next couple of days.


Deb said...

With a menu like that, I'd happily stay at your house tonight.

Ben McLaughlin said...

Hope it goes well. I'm sure after any initial awkwardness that it'll be fine. Good ploy to put alcohol in the cake to relax the guests.

Just the word 'billet' strikes utter dread into me. When I was in primary school, I knew that once I reached year 8, that my class would go on a camping trip out to the country, to visit farms etc. The class would be billeted out. Everyone was so excited about this trip, but I, being me, absolutely dreaded it for about 3 years. Ridiculous waste of energy. I was soooo worried about my speech issues, that just the thought of sitting at a dinner table with strangers made me want to die. I wish adult me had been around then to give boy me some reassurance, rather than to waste so much time worrying about something good.

Sorry, long story.

Karen said...

I was billeted out in a small country town on a school band tour when I was in high school. I remember it all felt a bit strange.
These guys are okay. They're not as big eaters as what I thought they'd be. And I told them they didn't need to feel obliged to make small talk with us all evening if they didn't want to so they retired downstairs after dinner and we didn't see them again till this morning. One of them is working on a music assignment and using our piano which is conveniently located next to his air mattress on the floor down here. So we heard some nice music floating up. They also seem well equipped with smartphones and a laptop....
Off to work out how to slow cook a lamb roast for their dinner tonight now.

Sarah said...

Haha I was just about to type the same thing as Deb.

By the way, you were in my dream last night. I dreamed I was on a road trip over east and stopped by your house to meet you. :)

Petrina said...

Our toy kitchen has the same problem. It's only fun to play with immediately after I've been through & tidied it up.

Happy billetting :)