Friday, June 1, 2012

Cold and wet

Looks like we have a rather wet weekend coming up here.

Perfect baking weather. I just made a pumpkin fruit cake but forgot to take a photo of it before I cut it up and ate a piece. Disappointing. It looked very good because for once, I'd remembered to put foil on it while it was baking to stop it from overbrowning on the top.

It's not such good news for healthy eating habits though. It's the sort of weather that always makes me crave sweet stodgy food and enormous roast dinners.

It's also perfect weather for putting together a solar system diorama that's due in next week at school. We cheated and bought a kit from Lincraft so it just needs to be painted and put together. This weather is also great for putting speeches onto palm cards for the public speaking competition at school.

I'm really looking forward to the day when homework can be completed with a great deal less parental assistance than it currently requires.

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One for a wish.. said...

Boy can I relate to that last comment! We should be writing two speeches this weekend...and since one is for the nearly nine year old, there will have to be heavy parental involvement. He will hate it, I will hate it, and I will wonder why I bother!